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Tenant Tips

  • Re-use scrap paper (shred for packing material, create notepads, use as draft paper in the copier/printer)
  • Print double sided to conserve paper
  • Stand-by computers and shut off monitors when not in use
  • Unplug all possible devices when not in use (they still draw power, even when they're turned off)
  • Install water filters on sinks or use filter pitchers to cut out use of bottled water
  • Air-dry dishes that have been washed in a dishwasher rather than using the drying cycle which uses excess energy
  • Install motion sensors for lighting in offices/conference rooms
  • Turn off lights in offices not occupied
  • Cut down on catalogs and junk mail
  • Close blinds to keep office cooler and open them to keep office warmer by use of natural sunlight
  • Keep HVAC vents clear and unobstructed
  • Ensure supplemental HVAC filters are cleaned quarterly
  • Purchase used office furniture and recycle old office furniture
  • Purchase recycled paper, file folders, and other office supplies
  • Upgrade lighting within your space
  • When shopping for new office equipment and appliances, choose Energy Star rated products. Shop for all-in-one equipment to reduce energy consumption

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