Emergency Procedures

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Fire & Fire Prevention

The following recommendations for your employees are made to assist you with the building’s fire prevention program:

  • Never leave electrical appliances unattended.
  • Never use immersion-type heating devices.
  • Avoid electrical overloading and multiple plugs.
  • Do not use undersized or lightweight extension cords.
  • Report failure of any electrical outlets or lights to the Management Office.
  • Flammable liquids should not be stored in Tenant spaces.
  • Keep paper at least six to eight feet away from operating machinery.
  • Know the location and type of fire extinguishers in your premises and inspect and replace as required.
  • Know the usable time limit of the fire extinguishers available to you.
  • Know exit locations.
  • Practice good housekeeping near your desk, in storage areas, in mechanical rooms and in the area of exit doors and hallways.
  • Do not store materials in the building electrical, telephone or utility closets.

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