Building Security

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General Office Security

Security personnel are on duty at Greenwich Office Park outside of normal business hours.  Although security personnel provide basic protection for the buildings, security is everyone’s responsibility and your cooperation and vigilance is essential.

Each Tenant can be effective in preventing the loss of valuable personal and company property by careful observance of these common-sense procedures:

  • Be particularly observant of strangers in your area and if their identity cannot be readily established, please contact the Management Office.
  • Establish and use, within your premises, a secured area for packages, purses, saleable and transportable property, etc., and particularly any form of negotiable instrument or petty cash.  We recommend a GSA approved fire safe.
  • Lock front and rear egress doors at 5:00 p.m., or earlier if your receptionist leaves.
  • Be certain that public corridor egress doors are locked when offices are empty.
  • Enforce strict discipline and control on keys and access cards.
  • Promptly report to the Management Office the loss of property or any suspicious event.

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