Emergency Procedures

Hazardous Substances

The Employee Right to Know Law passed on May 23, 1988, states that employers must inform employees about hazardous substances in their work environments.  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) must be given to the Management Office for any hazardous substances used by your company or by a vendor of your firm.  The manufacturer of the hazardous substance is required by law to provide the MSDS upon request. Tenant shall not cause or permit any Hazardous Substance to be used, stored, generated, or disposed of on or in the Premises by Tenant, Tenant’s agents, or employees.

Please note that lease restrictions prohibit storage of gasoline or other flammable substances.

Space Heaters:
A large number of fires are caused each year by portable space heaters.  For this reason, no type of portable space heater is allowed at the Greenwich Office Park.

Christmas Trees:
Many deaths occur each year because of fires caused by faulty wiring of Christmas tree lights.  For that reason, per the Greenwich Fire Department, live Christmas trees are not allowed in commercial office buildings.  Lights are allowed on artificial trees, but not on natural trees (even if treated with a fire retardant) or live wreaths.

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