Emergency Procedures

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In the event it is necessary to evacuate part or all of the building, remain calm and follow these standard procedures.  Emergency exit stairwells are to be used for evacuation.  Do not use elevators unless instructed to do so by Fire Department representatives.  The stairwell entrances are designated with signs and are located on each floor.

When exiting in the emergency exit stairwells, keep to the right so that incoming emergency personnel can utilize the stairwells as well.

An up-to-date listing of all personnel who may need assistance should be kept by the Tenant representative and be on file with the Management Office.

In the event of a fire or bomb threat emergency, all occupants should know how to respond.  Each Tenant is responsible for the education and training of their employees.  Please contact management at 203-422-6700 for any questions or required assistance.  The procedures outlined in this section will maximize the chances for a safe evacuation.

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