Emergency Procedures

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In order for the Fire Safety and Evacuation Program to work, participants must be aware of the safety system design features and their responsibilities in the program.

  • Each common area is equipped with horn strobes. 
  • Each stairwell is equipped with emergency lights. 
  • All mechanical rooms are equipped with fire extinguishers, serviced annually by an approved vendor.
  • Each Tenant’s demised premises should have smoke detectors and emergency lights, as required by code. 
  • Please see your Safety Warden for precise details regarding your interior space. Safety Wardens should be schooled in all areas of emergency procedures in your space from evacuation procedures to fire extinguisher needs.
  • This online manual sets forth the approved Plan of Procedure for Evacuation of the Greenwich Office Park, Greenwich, Connecticut buildings during any emergency to insure the safety of all occupants.  This plan, coupled with the fire detection and alarm system that has been designed into each building, provides Greenwich Office Park, Greenwich, CT with a high degree of safety at all times for its occupants.

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