Building Operations

Janitorial Services

Offices will be cleaned as outlined in the Cleaning Specification of each Tenant’s lease.  Normal cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, emptying wastebaskets, etc.  Should you have a special cleaning request, please contact the Property Management Office at (203) 422-6700 or input the request into the Tenant Work Order Portal.  In the event an oversight does occur in your office, please notify the Management Office so that appropriate action can be taken.

  • Trash to be removed by cleaning personnel that is not in the usual waste baskets should be clearly marked “trash”.
  • Office debris will be removed by the housekeeping staff, but care should be taken by your personnel to place on or in the wastebaskets only that which is to be discarded.  Retrieval of discarded items is virtually impossible because trash is disposed of in a compactor.
  • Try placing a common trash receptacle in the pantry or other common area instead of having individual receptacles desk side.  Studies show that this increases office recycling and decreases landfill waste.
  • Cleaning personnel are not required nor expected to remove large packing cases or shipping boxes.  Special arrangements must be made with your moving or delivery company or directly with the cleaning vendor for such removals.
  • The cleaning staff is instructed not to disturb anything on top of desks and to clean only those desks which have been cleared off at night.
  • Please place coffee grounds in plastic bags for disposal, not in any plumbing facility.
  • Cups containing liquid should not be placed in waste baskets.  All liquids should be poured in proper drainage facilities.
  • Single Stream Recycling began in Greenwich on August 1, 2011. This method of recycling allows for an increase in items to be recycled, and results in a decrease in our trash output.
  • In order to avoid contamination, tenants are asked to separate their recyclables into the following two categories:
  • Paper/Newspaper/Cardboard
  • Plastic/Glass/Metal
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