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Ride Sharing

When considering the cost of driving, most people think only about how much they pay for gas. However, drivers must also consider the money they pay to buy and maintain their car, which includes tune-ups, oil and tires, as well as insurance and registration.  
MetroPool would like to provide an option for Greenwich Office Park employees to alleviate the hassle of driving to work alone and help you save money.  MetroPool provides free commuter services for employees with the support of the New York and Connecticut Departments of Transportation. MetroPool is pleased to offer an online ridesharing program called NuRide. NuRide is a commuter mobility program that allows employees to share a ride whenever is convenient. It's easy to arrange ridesharing trips and at the same time earn rewards from NuRide Sponsors (Restaurants, Entertainment, Household goods, and many others) for every trip you take.  

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